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거의 지하방에서 힘들게 살아가는 아이들이

오늘은 대자연속으로 초대 되었습니다.

한국에서 처음으로 나들이를 한 친구들…

맛있는 점심도 대접받고…

새들과 이야기도 나눠보고

모든것이 새로운 경험이었고 즐거움이었습니다.

마음을 나눠주신 모든분들께 감사합니다. ㅎ

Multicultural children who have hard liviing conditions were invited to the Alpaca World,

which has incredible nature that is hard to see in Korea.

It was mostly children who rarely travelled out of their houses in Korea.

For the first time, the children went to Alpaca World and had a chance to see Alpacas, peacocks, eagles,

parrots, and various other animals.

Children enjoyed this great experience due to Taeyang teacher’s support.

Thank you for the opportunities that Taeyang teacher brought for these children.



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